Danielle Burns

Danielle Burns

Denver, CO, US


Whole Foods

    This project took place in the urban center of Columbus, Ohio.  On the site of an existing market grocery store the challenge was to use the remaining space to create a Whole Foods Grocery store while still incorporation the existing market. For this project it was important to include some of Whole Foods values , such as building LEED certified stores, in the design.


   What Whole Foods does best is relate the farm to city with its farmers market style store.  I found that cities and farms share a similar grid pattern spanning over large areas. I wanted to  use this idea to create a canopy over the building. The grid canopy allowed me to choose what areas are exposed to sunlight.  This created a mixture of glass and green rooftops which begins to explain how the program is organized inside.
    Typically prep and storage areas are limited to the perimeter of the building, this limits the placement of programs and the flow of circulation.  By moving prep and storage areas to the floor below programs have the freedom to be placed anywhere on the main floor and circulation is not limited.

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Status: School Project