Danielle Burns

Danielle Burns

Denver, CO, US


SWANCO Landfill Visitor Center

    This project presented the challenge of creating a visitor’s center for a landfill that would display the workings of the landfill and educate people on the  importance of recycling and how to reuse landfiills. As a class we took a trip to see the lanfill in person, it was astonishing to see just how large they actually are. I wanted to recreate this sense of scale through the building and make people aware of how much we throw away collectively.  Inside the building there is a continuous set of stairs that reinterpret the stepping of the landfill and the steps of the building itself. Layers of material on the building, rooftop gardens, and programs on each layer represent the layers that make up the landfill and  the combination of layers of trash.
    Located at the base of the hill, visitors take a journey from the entrance to the top of the building by the set of stairs or a combination of ramps and elevators. A path continues out of the building to the top of the landfill where an observation tower is located. The circulation up the stairs or through the ramps and elevators allows people to physically experience the size of the hill and gain an understanding of where trash goes.  At the end of each ramp the facade opens up to views of the landfill and surrounding area.

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Status: School Project