Thien-An Nguyen-Vu

Thien-An Nguyen-Vu

South Boston, MA, US


Brandevoort Townhouses

This project is nearing completion and is based off a series of designs proposed by a studio under the University of Notre dame Rome Program in 2007.  I was apart of the original student team who journeyed to the Netherlands for several days and researched the development of Dutch architectural townhouses and styles.  We provided facade and plan designs for the developers and architects.  The housing units have sold for an average of 222,000 Euros and are based on the ideals of traditional town planning and the context of the surrounding Brabant region of the Netherlands.

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Status: Built
Location: Brandevoort, NL
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: University of Notre Dame, Calliste Development, Krier Kohl Architects