Henry Rodriguez

Henry Rodriguez

Mount Kisco, NY, US


New Haven Culinary School

The objective of this project was to design a culinary school that would serve both the needs of student and faculty as well as the surrounding community, both during the day and night. The reason for the community needing to benefit from this design was due to the location that was chosen. Currently on the location there is a failed, abandoned community center and surrounding it is a prosperous night life center.

The concept of this building was utensils and plates stacked within a sink. When dishes are placed within a sink they are rarely ever placed neatly and end up slanting and looking as if they are about to tip over. This idea was mimicked through the facade of the stack, building, with the slanting roof and walls. To contrast this idea on the opposite side I decided to create a stack that would mimic a neatly stacked pile of plates. Connecting this "stacks of plates" were bridges that cross over and go upward and downward. This sense of chaos was done in order to further express the idea of the disorganization of a dirty sink filled with used plates and utensils

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Status: School Project
Location: New Haven, CT, US
My Role: Designed the entire building from start to finish
Additional Credits: Worked with classmates to create a site model in Revit so that we could place our buildings in.