Henry Rodriguez

Henry Rodriguez

Mount Kisco, NY, US


Hartford Library

For this project I was required to design a library where there currently is CVS; while abiding to local building code regulations. I was giving a program with all the required spaces and their sizes that had to be in the library. Another requirement was that the building could not completely cut off the neighborhood behind from the store fronts on the street side.

I wanted to emphasize the connection that this building would serve between the stores and the neighborhood behind so I created a strong linear glass curtain wall going through the entire building. The reason for glass was that it would break up the brick and serve as a visual connection. During library hours the citizens of this community could pass freely through the building but after library hours there was still a path on the side of the building so that there would be a connection at all times of the day. After establishing the connections all that was left to do was layout the spaces along the linear line so to not completely disrupt that visual connection.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hartford, CT, US
My Role: Designed the entire building from start to finish