Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Buffalo, NY, US


Salt River Bay Marine Research and Education Center

Based upon a sustainable laboratory competition, my bacholor's thesis project revolved around creating a sustainable laboratory in the US Virgin Islands.   The project is a multi-use building combining professional research, college level education, and public museum.  The focus of the building was to study the coral reefs of the area and protect them from future damage both by providing knowledge to University students as well as the public.  My project had a strong focus not only to be net zero and not leave an impact on the environment but to actually help reverse damage caused to coral reefs.  By situating the building off the coast of the island on the rubble of a former reef and utilizing artificial reef technologies in the underwater structure of the building, I hoped to revitalize the area to be a living reef.

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Status: School Project
Location: St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
My Role: Sole designer - Bachelor's Thesis Project