Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Buffalo, NY, US


Blackrock Community Gateway Park

Once a major industrial corridor, Black Rock’s borders consist of railroad tracks to the North and West, Scajaquada Creek to the South, and Elmwood Avenue to the East.  This historic neighborhood is defined by three distinct areas:
Historic Black Rock- primarily residential, this neighborhood boasts several historic buildings and highlights the Heritage Trail which marks important sites of the War of 1812 as well as other key features of this historic neighborhood
Tonawanda Street Industrial Corridor- moderate to heavy industrial corridor between the historic residential neighborhood and the newer business district; serves as a transitional space between the other two neighborhoods; consists of active rail lines, light manufacturing, moderate industrial, and the only large parcel of green space in all of the Black Rock neighborhood
Grant-Amherst Neighborhood- central business core that is most recently experiencing a surge of revitalization.

This project sought to revitalize a brownfield area of the Tonawanda Street industrial corridor of historic Black Rock.  We hoped to create a greater sense of community by bridging historic Black Rock with the more modern Grant-Amherst Neighborhood.  To do this we proposed turning existing buildings into apartments, building a new community center, connecting the Tonawanda Street corridor to Buffalo State College via a new roadway with small businesses, transforming an unused area into a new park, and implementing a new community garden.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Designer - Community Center, Designer - Board Layout
Additional Credits: Crystal Surdyk, Marie Muraco, Charles Gattie