Juanita Escobar Rossi

Juanita Escobar Rossi

Bogotá, CO


Consortium "Serra d'Ivrea" Landscape project for the Morainic Hill.

The proposal presented is the result of the will to create social and economic resources that could produce an added value to the entire area of the Serra d'Ivrea from a sustainable point of view, starting from endogenous resources offered by the environment and landscape of this territory. The element to be relied on is the forest heritage.
The project intends to constitute the Consortium "Serra d'Ivrea", developing two main strategic actions, The rediscover of the Serra heritage and The wood-energy chain,  closely interconnected because, without a real plan of enhancement of the territory increasing the social and economic profits, it’s hard to carry into effects any program of landscape valorization supported by public funds.
The rediscover of the Serra heritage
This action aims to enhance the landscape and environmental heritage creating a polyvalent route that could create a network of the peculiarities present in the Serra. The purpose is to make the population aware of the existing landscape and natural heritage.
The Landscape compatibility guidelines and graphic representations are not compelling indications, only suggestions conceived to emphasize the potentialities of the territory.
Wood-energy cluster
The Consortium coordinated the management and monitoring of the process. The principle is that the landowners and public establishments involved use the energy they need buying it directly from the wood-energy chain to whom they belong. A concrete use of biomass, as a source of renewable energy, would produce positive effects in terms of reduction of pollution, protection and care of forests, new jobs, economic revitalization, fire prevention and enhancement of the Territory.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ivrea, IT
My Role: team player
Additional Credits: Stefano Bonesso - Juanita Escobar Rossi - Davide Giancola