New York, NY, US


Apartments Combination

This project is a renovation which combines two and a half apartments located on two floors (one above another) as a new apartment for a young family of four. They are in an old building in uptown Manhattan with clustered complex pipes and structure with an inadequate natural light. Programming concept is to open up the upper level to receive better daylight as a loft area for family gatherings. Joint downstairs spaces become private bedrooms. Incorporating unmovable existing building systems into the new space planning as well as adding efficient circulation between floors were the essential tasks. Used lighter and neutral color to create a sense of freshness and openness. The juxtaposition of the abstract elements from both the woods and city as FF&E selections gives the space an interesting dwelling environment and brings a feeling of nature into the “concrete jungle”.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: 17 West 71St
My Role: Project Leader