Iva Bekic

Iva Bekic

Belgrade, Serbia


Camenzind office

interior design

CAMENZIND office | Kraljevica Marka 8 | Belgrade

type {work space}

with : m.arch Tamara Popović


45 m²


YYYY - 2013


The Goethe Institute and Urban Incubator : Belgrade initiative bring together a unique project supporting the re-vitalization of the Savamala district of Belgrade, Serbia. Alternative Swiss architectural magazine Camenzind (a research platform of BHSF Architekten, Zürich) were invited to transfer disciplinary knowledge between Switzerland and Serbia. They will have an office where they will organize salons, workshops and document all the project’s events during a period of six[6] months.

The magazine workspace is situated in the <3 of Savamala. We were comissioned by the editing board in Zurich to come up with a design solution for the interior.

It was a rather interesting situation where architects were asked by architects to design their new office.


Previously on " Project Camenzind"

The new office residency was previously an old household build in 1837, then re-build in 1852. It belonged to an old jewish merchandise family. The ground floor and cellar were used as stockrooms which were connected with the river Sava by water. Recently, the ground floors were used as gallery space for a cultural institution - Dom Omladine.

(Building The Dome / Faking The Dome)

The space itself was a real treat for the architects, meaning us. The curvy space and the existing arches unintentionally impose themselves as an imperative. It was an illustration of the absence of a Dome. So, the next reasonable thing was to build it. We combined graphics and photography, making an interpretation of the Dome on the ceiling and a 3D illusion making the space almost as of sacral importance.

"If You build it..."

Considering all of the given conditions (low budget) we were not able to predict nor control the final result. In limited conditions, decisions were made in that moment and the solutions were improvised with us – the architects – often in the role of a handy-man.


Others said

“The wanted separation of the space : working space and the saloon, were supported by a simple yet witty improvised furniture which state the difference in the way you use the space.” – SUPER PROSTOR

“Without changing the architecture of the building and predominantly using recycled materials, the two young architects have shown how a space can be changed both speaking of function and aesthetics and with minimal funds. For that reason, the space for the thinking and re-thinking of the Savamala issue has become an image of what creative industries can do for the revitalization of city-quarters.” – POGLEDAJ.TO


photography : Relja Ivanić


links : SUPER PROSTOR / / ArchLAB / Urban Incubator:Belgrade


special tnx to : Rosanna Baltzer/Jovana Vasic/ Nemanja Crnobrnja/nofm radio/ majstor Siki/majstor Gojko/Studio M

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Status: Built
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
My Role: One of two leading architects
Additional Credits: Rosanna Baltzer, Jovana Vasic, Nemanja Crnobrnja, nofm Radio, Sinisa, Gojko, Studio M