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tree house - night
tree house - night

tree house

The tree house

Le Corbusier “A House Is A Machine For Living In”

We have seen time progress and le Corbusier’s idea develop to wonderful machines of living beyond the typical dwelling ideas from the past. Since times have changed again Due to rising energy cost and global warming, we find our selves rethinking the sustainability and efficiency of our machines; therefore, my proposal is that a house is a machine of green and sustainable living. Furthermore, the efficiency of a house is as important as its functionality which leads us to take in consideration a brand new approach to this issue. Until now, form follows function which means that function shapes the design of the architecture. In the other hand the efficiency and function should now be the driving force behind the design of the 21st century house that should generate new energy efficient and sustainability living for next generations. Materiality should also be considered part of the green design process where we can no longer ignore the origins and the impact of materials chosen for a project on the environment. We must take in consideration that esthetic and architecture beauty must not be sacrificed along the process as it happened in the auto industry because no one wants a sustainable green ugly house, so we must as well be able generate emotion with green architecture in order to appeal to the public and gain there support.
Finally, a green house or building should move us forward energy and sustainability wise but also move the emotion and the desire for more green architecture.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Greensburg, KS, US