Delphine Houthoofd

Delphine Houthoofd

Roeselare, BE


The warehouse - a dichotomy

An expansion joint is constantly present in the building, mostly not tangible or in great shapes. It will have big dimensions so it can be used as a central place from which the various functions will sprout. This place is characterized by a large central atrium and represents the scar. It separates the warehouse into two major parts, the Castor and Pollux section.


‘It seems that the Warehouse was once sawn into two pieces and is now attached back together. It looks like a scar or dichotomy that can never be healed again.’


Functional elements needed for the Warehouse to work are fully, partly or not at all attached to this place. The forms of these elements are originated from topographic maps of Bruges, where they have the primarily function as parks. The color and shape of these parks remain the same, but I added spatiality and functionality.



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Status: School Project
Location: Brugge