Delphine Houthoofd

Delphine Houthoofd

Roeselare, BE


The social stair environment

I created a WORKSPACE for different sorts of people, because besides a group of workers, there are also places to WORK, to READ and to CHAT for students,  businessmen, residents, ... The entire building is made of STEPS, because I am convinced that a STAIR has a SOCIAL ROLE. You can play with his DIMENSIONS, his MATERIALS, his IMPLEMEN-TATION and his formal LANGUAGE. With this designing technics you can create hangouts, REst, chat-, READ-, and chillareas. 


The stair has not only the role of a circulationzone, but besides that it has become a place where all different types of people cross each others path and where communication and interaction will become the most important actions.

Once entered the building, you can find a big wooden staircase equipped with  attractive colored cushions that invites and introduces the visitors to go upstairs in order to use the   steps and all his possibilities. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Ghent