Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart

New York, NY, US


Sierra Vista Junior High School

The initial brief called for the generation of a series of permanent buildings to replace a patchwork of temporary structures on a overcrowded campus. Studies for the strategic placement of the new structures eventually led to the creation of a distinct territory for the newly formed Junior High School. Time constraints dictated the use of modified modular elements to create the “buildings”. The design challenge became the strategic selection
from a menu of elements that had be pre-checked or pre- approved through DSA.
The design focused on the infinite extendibility of modular elements. Rather than delineate closed buildings with finished perimeters, a field of objects (somewhere between one and many), was represented. The Infrastuctural pieces such as elevators, stairs, and window screens for both sun-shading and vandalism were custom made and installed on-site. Foregrounding these aspects of the project allowed for the establishment of a distinct identity for the middle school. Modularity was taken up in the sitework as well through the use of a series of pre-fabricated concrete pipe sections friction fit into the ground in a random pattern.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Project Designer