Emily Van Court

Emily Van Court

Loveland, CO, US


Remote Studio

The Artimis Institute, led by Dr. Lori Ryker, is a unique design-build studio, based in Paradise Valley, Montana. Remote Studio teaches students the philosophy and art of environmental design beyond LEED requirements by utilizing local materials, elegant design solutions and respect for the site. Dr. Ryker selected four second-year students to be involved through a special application process the summer I was accepted as the studio is usually reserved for graduate students and seniors.


Our clients, Al and Michelle Feldstein (Al was a long time editor for MAD magazine), wanted to open up their river-front property for local area fishermen to use as a picnic area. Their rare generosity to share their private land along the Yellowstone River has already made the site a popular stop next to a lucky fishing hole. Our installation had to be movable, so as not to obstruct the river during the high water season. The flexibility required for the project lead our team to design a sculptural bench and table system, adjustable for multiple seating arrangements and group sizes.


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Status: Built
Location: Livingston, MT, US
My Role: Schematic design, cut-pattern documents for the wood for the tables and the majority of the welding on the project
Additional Credits: Team members: Professor Dr. Lori Ryker, Kate Boulin, Kurt McGrane, Evan Jacobsen, Lane Ferris, Brock Spain, Brian Sullivan, Tim Sanford, Anthony Velasquez.