Francisco Casablanca

Francisco Casablanca

New York, NY, US


Environmental Tools | Speaking Engagement

As part of my duties and tasks at Gensler I have worked on multiple projects coordinating the LEED documentation including, but not limited to, making daylight simulations and crafting green strategies. The project that best demonstrates my leadership as a process changer is my presentation on “Environmental Analysis Tools,” which was prepared as part of the firm's "Lunch and Learn" last July. During that hour I communicated to my peers the importance of understanding the climate and how the diverse climate zones provoke different solutions for the building envelope. By introducing the Weather Tool and Climate Consultant, I explained how to interpret the weather data, and how to use that data to determine the key-points to take into consideration during design, such as the incidence of solar radiation and daylight in the building envelope. Using the daylight analysis tool Ecotect, I demonstrated why the building orientation and envelope treatment is an important factor to consider. More important than communicating the substantive environmental details of green design was the fact that the lunch and learn gave me the opportunity to introduce, to my colleagues at Gensler, the importance of environmental analysis.

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Status: Built
Location: Washington, DC, US
My Role: Speaker