Sofia Avramopoulou

Sofia Avramopoulou

San Francisco, CA, US


STUDIO ONE_Fortresses, Bridges, Islands

STUDIO ONE 2011-2012 focuses largely to the ecology and the history of the Bay Area, understanding its landscape not as an assemblage of natural and man-made elements but as a continuum, as a system that reveals cultural and technological and natural synergies, and seeks to question whether the bay can also be a new vessel of a new kind of relationship between cities and ecologies. Using techniques and software developed by Nicholas de Monchaux for the Local Code project, we are preparing a parametric study of a series of brownfield, abandoned or marginal sites around the Bay.

The project is divided in two phases. During the first phase matters of mapping and data visualization, were prominent, focusing on all those vital systems that the Bay is comprised of (transportation networks, information networks, census data, ecology etc). The results are used as the background research and the lauch platform for the second phase.
During the second phase, the studio focuses on the creation of an architectural network around the Bay that deals with the problems identified during the pevious phase. Moving constantly from local to global scale, we are developing a parametric process .
“Fortresses, Bridges, Islands” focuses on historical, cultural, social, and ecological aspects of the Bay, networking the no-man’s-land that lies between the unicorporated suburban gated communities,  industrial facilities and the wetlands.

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Status: School Project
Location: UC Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area
Additional Credits: in collaboration with Mona Ghandi