Sofia Avramopoulou

Sofia Avramopoulou

San Francisco, CA, US


King's Cross Thameslink: Behind the wall

The project suggests the creation of vital public space within the disused infrastructure of the former London’s King’s Cross
Thameslink station.

The solidified perceptions over these industrial infrastructure in combination with the fact that they function at a different level than the city, deter their integration in the urban fabric. In order to retract this convention and towards the direction of creating a new relation between the city and the site, new access points and different levels of transition were created, taking under consideration the geometric characteristics and the limitations of the area.

Eventually, It is a horizontal multileveled formation that develops
along the separative wall which constitutes the border between the city and the site. The space that was shaped was dealt as a network
of public spaces, due to the fact that the particular area is characterized by high density and lack of voids. Thus, emerged the challenge to investigate the coexistence of various types of public space
(open-closed-aboveground-underground), which are experienced
in sucession along a continuous route. 

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Status: School Project
Location: London
Additional Credits: in collaboration with Paraskevi Vasilopoulou