James H. Ward, III

James H. Ward, III

Brooklyn, NY, US



In this hypothetical organization, the intention is to provide a single point of collaboration for architects, engineers, geologist industrial designers, and social scientist.

In which this cross disciplinary group can devise solutions for epidemics and  can hopefully avert pandemic situations through research, design and fabrication of highly articulated, and easily deployable solutions.


Through the development of sustainable solutions, the institutes core objective is to provide a basis for a new industry; of Mircoinfrastructure. This industry is defined as any system that is introduced to the consumer as an individual product, which can be networked with like systems belonging to other individuals. As the network expands the system increases its benefit to the individual consumer. Thus the product incentivizes the user to collaborate with neighbors to expand the network for the greater good of the individuals microhabitat, which can eventually become a macrosystem with many layers of intelligence. The beauty of the system is in its ability to grow exponentially with Moore’s law.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US