Han-Shen Chen

Han-Shen Chen

New York, NY, US


The National Taichung Library

The site of this new library lies on the strategic location of a park connected to one of the city’s important linear green belt system. At the entrance plaza, the building recesses to form one gentle green curve on the lawn to express a welcoming gesture to the visitors. The volume of ground floor is “streamlined” to allow maximum transparency at the base. This fluent pattern also helps create a movement of people through the ground level of the library. With its linear window and curved exterior wall between floors, the facade of National Taichung Library is meant to echo the vibrant context. Visitors inside the reading room will be able to enjoy the vast green treetop view through large glass taking advantage of horizontal openings facing the city’s greenbelt. The folding facade reaches out for sunshine and creates shadows to enrich the building’s elevations. Inspired by dotted light pattern of sunlight through tree leaves, the design proposes a series of round shaped openings spread out over the roof to allow for indirect sunlight and ventilation for energy saving.

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Status: Built
Location: Taichung/ Taiwan
My Role: Chief Architectural Designer: undertook as chief designer in the context of the prestigious competitions for the National Taichung Library, leading the design of the project, and with innovative technical skills of digital construction modeling.
Additional Credits: J.J.Pan Architects and Partners