Han-Shen Chen

Han-Shen Chen

New York, NY, US


Immerse - Interactive Architectural Design

The concept behind the installation “Immerse” is a haptic space that awakens people’s mobile perceptions and sensational perceptions of the relationship between their bodies and spaces. Immerse creates an experience that causes people blur the boundaries of their bodies and feel a new type of interconnection to the space around them.

The patterns on the fabrics used in the installation were created by processing code which were then applied to the fabric using Rhino and laser cutting. Each scale of the circle pattern on the rolls were changed  according to the distance to the mouse resulting in different circular shapes.  When people walked into the Immerse fabric space the patterns on the overlap fabrics changed depending on their locations.

People are use to the lights and the geometrical spaces in modern architecture. Glass and elevators dematerialized our sense while people moving in a modern city. When people walk into the center of immerse fabric the rotations of people will change the lighting patterns projecting on the fabric. As people move in this haptic space it will be in a state of constant change.

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Status: Built
Location: Providence, RI, US
My Role: MFA of RISD Graduation Project