Iboro Udoh

Iboro Udoh


The City as a Museum

Objective: Answering the question: How do you provide a history of Baton Rouge in a socially engaging manner?


My Solution: 1.) Create a network, via the different school levels, of collecting the stories from the residents of neighboring communities. 2.)  Distribute these stories in a artistic and literary way to the entire city.

Secondary Questions:

1.)  Where do you distribute these stories? Utilizing the North facing LSVI located on Government Street near the interstate and straddling the edge of Mid-city and Downtown.
2.) How do you distribute these stories? And what will the facility be doing when it is not showcasing the stories? Performing Arts School or An Art District
3.)  Considering the different layers that make Baton Rouge a place with such a great story, how do you activate or generate interest in these other layers?

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Status: School Project
Location: Baton Rouge, LA, US