Iboro Udoh

Iboro Udoh


Seeking Refuge

Objective: Answering the question: How do you create an urban environment, specifically a Monastery/Soup Kitchen, in St. Louis that serves both the hungry and the monastic?


My Solution: The STL Monastery/Soup Kitchen must serve the monastic and the hungry. An analysis of the monastic and the hungry reveals two ways of life: one of certainty, harmony and servitude and the other of doubt, strife and need. Yet, there is a relationship between the two. That relationship is composed of the monastic provision of service and sustenance to fulfill the need of the hungry.
Monasticism moves to:
• Establish harmony over doubt for the
• Establish a refuge of certainty for the
• Fully divest sustenance and shelter to the
Though this harmony and refuge is episodic for the hungry, the monastic is free of strife and need (hunger) and is able to divest fully, willingly and as needed in accordance to the Benedictine goal. The STL Monastery/Soup Kitchen will reflect the concept of this relationship and further engage the surrounding community through provisions and divestments.

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Status: School Project
Location: St. Louis, MO