Maria Golasowska

Maria Golasowska

London, GB

perspective view of the new library
perspective view of the new library

New Municipal Library

The new Municipal Library connecting also an art gallery is an
attractive building in the old town center of Skawina. Modern
architecture among old development in contemporary language
preserves traditional geometry limits and its rhythm. This is a type
of ‘intelligent building’ which special design allows to be energy
efficient. Interior green patio and shaped external elevation is
a cunning way to gain and use as much solar light as is possible.
Open structure spaces share many functions on three levels. The
ground floor is designated for public functions like: customer’s
service department and other essential facilities. The first floor
contains a library with an audio-visual center and a number of
storeys. In the last storey with its function as an art gallery, a cafe
and the nice bar are also placed.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Krakow PL