Maria Golasowska

Maria Golasowska

London, GB

view from the Przemsza river side
view from the Przemsza river side


In the beginning of XX century- Myslowice become an exceptional
place of unique importance for the history of Europe. The famous
spot called “a triangle of Three Emperors” is situated at the
confluence of two rivers, where the White Przemsza River flows
into the Black Przemsza. At that point the three most powerful
European states adjoined- the Austrian, German and Russian
Empires. There was a large custom zone with railway line and a
river harbor. The picturesque place became a tourist attraction, cause right
now is abandoned.
The general premise for the project is to restore its former
splendor by reshaping surrounding area and create a new
International Cultural Center, which places a library, museum,
a gallery of art and concert hall with cinema screen. Building
located in geographical ‘triangle’ in its form want to join three
apart lands. Long pedestrian bridge invites to visiting the place.
A famous triangle is now a new public spaces with amphitheater
steps for public entertainment. Building is simple in its form full of
open spaces and light being a metaphor of beginning of the XX
century architecture.

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Status: School Project
Location: Myslowice, PL