SPACIALISTS Architectural Virtual Reality & Visualization Company

SPACIALISTS Architectural Virtual Reality & Visualization Company

Los Angeles, CA, US


Virtual Reality - Ridgeview Road #103, Arlington VA

These visualizations use Epic's Unreal Engine (UE4) VR software. We are one of the few visualization firms in Los Angeles actively selling true Virtual Reality work within the architectural space (as of Nov 2017). 

Virtual Reality Video (Give it a thumbs up!)

This scene uses Graphisoft's ARCHICAD and Epic’s UE4 to create an interactive architectural scene. Once modeled, developed, and baked we shoot unlimited images and video in a matter or minutes. Yep, no render time. Believe it.

DIY: If you'd like to take advantage of our painful trial and error, get access to learn how to take your BIM models into Unreal Engine here:

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Arlington, VA, US
My Role: 3D Renderings, Virtual Reality, Animation, Video, Visualizations
Additional Credits: ESA Living (Builder)