Francisco Bautista

Francisco Bautista

Bronx, NY, US


FLo-Te Cruise Teminal

Flo-Te is a terminal to swiftly move people to and from cruise vessels. Incorporated within the terminal were areas of entertainment for the passengers' benefit.The design of the Flo-Te changed as it progressed. The original design resembled a floating building rather than a vessel. The updated version culminated in an ocean-going-vessel design. Because of its “Uniqueness”, the aesthetics of the project must reflect that. The concept of “transformation” came to light and it is now an important aspect of the Flo-Te. A building-like design and the ability to “transform” itself once it is docked. Ocean going vessels need to satisfy a certain design requirement for aerodynamics to facilitate movement through water and against wind. This concept of “transformation” originated from the passenger bridges or walkways of the terminal. Located on the third floor, the bridges are mechanical and able to expand and contract, as would an accordion.

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Status: School Project