Sun Joo Kim

Sun Joo Kim

New York, NY, US


a small office design

Concept Statement

Since 1981, Wild Birds Unlimited has been selling high-quality bird feeding supplies and nature gifts. After the owner, Jim, decided to franchise in Indiana. It started a successful movement that has developed into nearly 275 stores throughout the North America. The company has decided to open an office in Manhattan. Through the new office, people who are interested in opening a franchise would get information about the company. The new space is 1400 sq feet.

Like their motto, bringing nature in there back yard, I will try to carry a feeling of nature into the office. Texture is one of the important design elements.

Organic shape furniture will be placed in the office to enhance the natural mood. I will hang the company products to make an accent in the interior. In addition, lighting will create warm mood in this space.

Green and neutral color palettes will dominant in the office that is inspired from the company’s main logo colors.

Project Profile

Wild Birds Unlimited wants to have a small office in new building in Manhattan.
This office is approximately 1400 sq Feet. As a nature shop, you will feel like you are in the center of nature. First of all, a reception area and waiting area are designed which was inspired by an egg in nest. Behind the reception area, there is a director’s office. The office room will have an executive table and an ergonomics chair for director, and two chairs for clients. In addition, there will be a small waiting area for clients as well.

A conference room for 4-6 people is adjacent from a sales area. Two side windows will bring in a lot of light from outside. The sales area is located right next to the reception area. From there, a sales person could keep watching the reception desk.

The most important thing in the project is a lot of storage space. Thus, one storage room with print station will be located between the conference room and the director’s office. On the opposite side of conference room, there will be other storage room with kitchen. A bathroom will be located near the reception area, and it will be a unisex toilet.

Every hallway and gates will be designed in Universal design dimension.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US