studioelt stefano esposito fabiana longo rosa troja

studioelt stefano esposito fabiana longo rosa troja

Naples, IT



The project is about a little old building which belongs the first part of twenty century and works in particular on its interior spaces. The aim, therefore, is to preserve the outside building skin so the architectonic character and structure. Twenty classrooms are distributed on the building’s three floors and can become, as required, flexible learning spaces which can communicate to each other in case of collective jobs and interdisciplinary didactics. The classrooms distribution defines, by its irregular scheme, a time gallery for kid’s manual works expositions and play areas. The project purpose is to create a total new style of irregular spaces, fluid and different views, where pupils can feel welcome, as in a game: the railing in micro-forated sheet panels, which belong the new stair  in betòn, defines stylized kids shapes hand in hand. This draw goes along the whole route where pre-existent windows have been closed, for security measures, by painted Lexan panels, which always filter sunlight in different ways, giving to the staircase fairy atmosphere and creating interesting light games. On the other hand there is the central stair, which has been totally reconstructed for security measures. Its structure, in painted iron and with printed crystal treads, allows kids to see each other through transparent surface’s treads, going along it.   On the top of the stair there was a skylight,covering it, that has been transformed into a planetary and the space behind has become a little arena in painted iron, where kids can see the sky. Community areas draw external play areas: a ramp, which connects the external garden to the ground floor, has irregular character and, going around one of the old and secular trees, can be compared to a big playground slide.The garden itself also defines new play areas with sand and shingle and colored resin places. 

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Status: Built
Location: Naples,IT
My Role: project and supervision
Additional Credits: Photography: Francesco Semmola