Ronald Crowe

Ronald Crowe

Columbus, OH US

USGBC Competition
USGBC Competition
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USGBC Competition 1st Place Regional

The new center for both Imago and
its surrounding eco-village is just outside
the boundaries of Cincinnati, yet it remains
distinctly separated from the city’s urban elements.
The unifying element therefore becomes
more than just geographic location;
it is a way of life for a community interested
in environmental stewardship. The proposed
center defies generalization, creating
a new, unique take on the village common.
Simultaneously, the center allows the public
to abandon city life in favor of a simpler
and more environmentally conscious mindset.
The center literally minimizes its impact
on the ground and allows for the percolation
of both human and natural elements.
At the same time, it maintains a minimal
presence and does not force itself upon the
landscape. The trading post establishes
the “common” to a greater degree by creating
a zone where the villagers can imagine
Imago’s future.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US

USGBC Competition
USGBC Competition