Ronald Crowe

Ronald Crowe

Columbus, OH US

Tulum Museum Competition
Tulum Museum Competition
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Tulum Museum Competition Submission

The idea of reversing the Mayan ornament condition using digital media; and create
a unifying system of structure and skin therefore a “surface”. The basic project goal is
to transform the ornament into structure.

The form exploration will be concerned with yielding systemic hybridity in architecture
by exploring two approaches that were previously thought to be both philosophically
and methodological at odds with one another and experimenting with a suspicious
“third way.” The focus is to develop techniques and affects and to reevaluate these
conditions using the deity Chac as the motivator.

Ornamentation and structure of cities were principles tightly connected to the Mayan
understanding of the universe and celestial movement. Through ornament and urban
planning the Mayas could express ideas and visually construct their spiritual beliefs.
The Mayan point of view was the ancestors, spirits and deities not only resided in
the Upperworld and the Underworld, but also shared the Middleworld or Earth; this
concept already proposes an architectural sectional idea. In the Middleworld, supernatural
things beings claimed extraordinary geological features of the natural landscape
as their special precincts and magnetized architectural structures that humans
constructed for ritual purposes. Another source of investigation is the classic Mayan
section the arch and trying to create new spatial continuity. Chac becomes the figure which we will reinterpret in different formats 2D and 3D as used in Mayan constructions as exterior stone ornament represented as the “hook” and as used mural paintings. This projects attempts to operate in both as surface and skin.

Our proposed building has different sides; on the approaching and entering side acts
as a landscape project occupying the top of the building, On the longitudinal side;
the extension and dematerilization of the Tulum wall acts as a framing device where
the building appears to be contained; inspiring its affect from the classic organization
of the Mayan Façade. Finally, the remaining corner acts as pure ornament similar to
how the most of the Mayan structures use Chac as part of this condition.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Museum Competition
Tulum Museum Competition