Julia Torrubia

Julia Torrubia

Madrid, ES


Perceived Environments in Offices. The occupants' comfort perception as a design guide for working spaces

Current office design vastly ignores environmental factors and the inhabitant conditions. As a result there is a global typology that offers uncomfortable and high energy consuming spaces that exclude and isolate the occupants. A poor perception of the working space drives the user to a negligent adaptive behaviour, degraded mood and deficient productivity rates. Climate, context, new working trends and occupants' perception and behaviour towards the space are essential to design or upgrade office typologies.

The aim of this dissertation is to provide a design method that takes the occupants' comfort perception and response into account for working spaces. The proposed strategies are tested on an existing office building in Madrid. The key points of the developed methodology focus on offering freedom to the occupant to choose their preferred working atmosphere, allowing adaptive, easy to use and accessible control strategies that may be managed by the building and/or the occupant in a free running mode.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid
My Role: SED MArch Dissertation project