David-Craig Dixon

David-Craig Dixon

Las Cruces, NM, US


Somatic Space

Somatic Space - Soft Space Concept

human skin. composed through a layering of cells identical yet varying based upon interconnectedness to larger cellular structures. human skin becomes responsive to the external envi- ronment. constant changes + variations. flexibility. acts as regu- lator of temperature, sensation, responsiveness to itself + its surroundings. somatic space. derived from a singular manufac- tured unit [cell]. somatic cells relate to the walls of the human body. interconnected within the human nervous system, regu- lates voluntary movements. created through differentiation. the process by which a less specialized cell becomes a more reac- tive specialized cell structure. this singular cell allows for endless variations. regulated yet boundless by its design this single manufactured unit allows a single person to begin to shape space. a responsive space. manipulation. a malleable cell structure is created from a singular unit. the weight of the structure plays the role of defining its boundary. its layering allows for variation of space to be created. the user can create a hard enclosing boundary or a boundary less defined. can allow sight, sound and the potential for human interaction on opposing sides of the structure. a single solitary somatic cell becomes a space defining component.

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Status: School Project