David-Craig Dixon

David-Craig Dixon

Las Cruces, NM, US


Mercado Nicolas Bravo - Puebla, Mexico


the intention of this revitilization project was to establish a new market environment. to create conditions that altered the residents' of El Parrals concept of a neighborhood market. allow the market to emege as an attraction. allow the market to become an experience. a place that allowed its users to inhabit. a market that allowed one to move through it, in it, above + below it. ultimately the goal was to create a new marketplace while maintaining the importance that these residents are the "owners". allowing them to control the market for their communities benefit. enabaling these “owners” to infuse their style + culture into newly established boundaries. in order to do that, the most important aspects of the market had to be consid- ered. that being the most singular unit, the solitary merchant + their goods. without that integral piece we have nothing. the project evolved into exploiting that singular important need + emphasized the importance of those merchants. now the merchants define the space, define the density, determine the permanence.

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Status: School Project
Location: Puebla, MX