Anson Morris

Anson Morris

Portland, OR, US


Portland Seed Bank

Located near Portland’s old town district and
across from Water Front Park which runs along the
west bank of the Willamette River, the sites proposed
function as a seed bank and distribution
center has a centered position within the metro

The form was found through a series of 2d and 3d
responses to a specific image of a flower provided
by the professor. The modelled form was then
translated into inhabitable spaces by incorporating
program, size requirements, and context into the
next series of models in the progression.
The final design is buried almost entirely underground
in order to assist in providing a proper climate
for seed storage, avoid being an obtrusive
visual element in the old town district, and to embody
the metaphorical progression of a seed.
A concrete ribbon runs through the design which
creates a crevasse in the center of the building
and provides structure for the programmatic elements.
Program is inserted through the ribbon,
often remaining protruded partially into the crevasse.
Circulation is created in the form of bridges
across the crevasse which weaves in a manner
that forms a series of views from each level.

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Status: School Project
Location: Portland, OR, US