Jamie Sinz

Jamie Sinz

San Francisco, CA, US

Proposed Quad with original 1888 Main Quad in the distance
Proposed Quad with original 1888 Main Quad in the distance

Stanford University SEQ Master Plan + Design Guidelines

The master plan for the Science + Engineering Quad (SEQ) is a comprehensive plan that addresses site limits, massing, connective elements, fenestration, and color and material palettes. The master plan illustrates how architectural compatibility and overall campus consistency will be achieved. Certain requirements are prescribed for each individual building and the connective elements that define the quad. A cost and phasing strategy to enable Stanford to achieve the vision of the new quad over time is also included.


The first priority of design was the accommodation of the functional requirements of the program. The second was a balance between cost and aesthetics. The third was to provide a sustainable design. Finally, the fourth was achieving a high degree of consistency within the four buildings of the quad.

After the completion of the Master Site Plan, Boora was hired to design and build all four buildings within the quad.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Stanford, CA, US