Francisco Costa

Francisco Costa

Guimarães, PT


//// school gardening Mosteiro do Bustelo ////

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Situated in the valley where Sousa Romanesque buildings abound, their rehabilitation and conversion to Garden International School, was designed in order to incorporate this route Romanesque already developed and which already has plenty of other examples.
This monastic complex, consisting of church, monastery, courtyard, and crop land, served to time monks who retired here. The cult of the earth has always been associated with it, was perhaps one of the first designeos. The aqueduct that reached us today and together with a small hermitage were the first buildings to be held, they believe that early felt the need to conduct water to these lands. To give him back the dignity of other times and appropriating functions with the School of Contemporary born monastery garden drawn by Bustelo

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Status: School Project
Location: Penafiel, PT