Francisco Costa

Francisco Costa

Guimarães, PT


//// naval school and sports, social and cultural complex ////

/ / Synopsis
The project area located on the banks of the reservoir Billings, São Paulo, local excecional living the drama between the periphery and the landscape dominated by water.
Contrary to the conventional image that has water resources and the proper relation of the city with its rivers, it is found in this landscape a city that can use the waters for their spatial organization at the same time it revalues ​​its capacity as infrastructure.
On the other hand the situation of extreme shortages of equipment on the outskirts urges us to consider the impact of large structures such as processing of sociability, as exemplified by the SESC or CEUS (cultural and educational centers that have been established in São Paulo).
This project will work on a program that merges the two experiments: the school and sports equipment and cultural, civic and metamorphosis.

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Status: School Project
Location: São Paulo, BR