Conrad Szajna

Conrad Szajna

Chicago, IL, US


A F.A.T. Home

In our current economic climate, it is crucial that we start to re-think the 21st century suburban home in terms of space planning, material usage, orientation; in regards to the environment,street condition, and construction. The intent of this proposal was to re-examine what typical spaces meant to an individual and to a growing family, especially in our modern technological times, while at the same time, finding ways to reduce waste in terms of material, space, energy and time. The emphasis returns to the quality of space and not the quantity of it. Well designed spaces offer more than square footage does. The overall goal is to re-use as much of the existing home as possible.


This proposal can be achieved by creating a F. A. T. home (Flexible. Adaptable. Tranquil). Flexibility is needed so that the interior and exterior spaces and building components can contour to resident’s lifestyles. Adaptability is essential as to allow building components to grow off of one another with ease. Lastly, but most importantly, homes need to become tranquil which can be accomplished by providing public and private courtyards as to allow for relaxation and socializing. Homes of the future will once again become multi-generational, become another source of income, be easily expand and finally, they will become fully integrated within the landscape. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Mount Prospect, IL, US