New York, NY, US


Living Room, New York, NY

A large collection of Indonesian paintings, the hand carved screen from Java, numerous paintings, vessels and casegoods defined the theme for this interior.

The design architect first took a full inventory (photos & dimensions) of clients'  large collection from a 10,000 sq. ft house in Asia, then created a design and architectural renovation plan. Everything went
into storage for the renovation period.  This pre-war apartment, new wiring, gallery lighting, additional moldings, new fireplace fascade and interior, all new upholstered furnishings, and numerous custom prep, and detailed installation work with the design/architect's selected crew.
Mounting of the art was significant.  Designer had custom steel L brackets embedded into the plaster walls to hold the stone sculptures.  Design/Architect was commissioned to work on their newly purchased 10,000 sq. ft. historic home in CT.  which is now a work in progress.







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Status: Built
Location: CPW New York, NY, US