Ben Rambadt

Ben Rambadt

Ann Arbor, MI, US


Detroit Riverfront Interface (Recharge)

Fall Studio 2011 | Pr of. Jen Maigret

This semester focused on a ‘lite’ compr ehensive design integrated with studies of water, designing for water movement, water containment, water restraint, and water diver sion. The sewer and storm water systems in Detroit, MI are a combined, adding fur ther strain when it begins to fill up ; sending the overflow of both the sewer and stormwater into the river. Our projects on sites chosen in a specific area of Detroit address the issues of stormwater management and attempt to remedy any overflow by designs that r estrain, contain, or diver t water in smar t effective ways while maintaining a level of design standard for Detroit.
This project looks to provide a mediation for the public bet ween the river and park space while
accommodating to the needs of housing r esidents living above the ground floor public corridor. The
building acts as a sy stem in a whole b y diverting rain water on the r oof towards apartment terraces
and a facade system that acts to both slow down water movement to the gr ound but to also allow
residents to live within the sy stem.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US