Kimberly Cook

Kimberly Cook

Chicago, IL, US



Maru Sushi Bar & Grille is located in Okemos, MI currently. They proposed an addition located adjacent to their current building to house a fish market and additional seating. I was inspired by the colors and metallics of fish from around the area for my material and color choices.

The word maru, meaning circle, is often attached to Japanese ship names. Similarly, Maru Sushi houses the area's most premier fish market and desirable dining experience. Customers are welcomed into a cozy and dramatic space offering an option of a high end shopping experience. FUnctionality and adaptability are of utmost importance to selling fine fish, knives, wine, and and high end beers. All are greeted at Maru with ADA compliancy, providing ease of movement through the space for all. Go ahead, push the tables together for a party of 14, switch out the products on our shelves and spill on the white brick floor. Welcome to the new Maru.

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Status: School Project
Location: Okemos, MI