Alexine Sammut

Alexine Sammut

Rotterdam, NL


ArtFund Pavilion

Versatility is the key word throughout. From day to night, from on to off, from in to out: all through a simple push/pull system of interlocking solids and voids.
The program offers a multitude of aesthetic options depending on the required activity and function. The solid and more fixed part of the structure is a perforated frame into which modular voids play a different game upon each assembly. These smaller units are the light source, the seating, the exhibition stands and the continuous link with the immediate environment of the pavilion.
The natural extension of the pavilion into its surroundings makes it highly accessible and flexible in terms of accommodating even larger parties and events than originally planned. In fact, its systematic modularity would also lend itself easily to future extensions should the need arise; all parts are just disassembled and stacked horizontally upon each move.
User interaction is promoted through the facility of movement of the blocks and the endless array of forms achievable. A vertical zigzag of blocks invites guests to climb to the roof level for a different perspective of a space that promises to be different upon the next visit.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: London