Daniela Gomez

Daniela Gomez

Miami, FL, US


Center for Urban Farming

SuckerPunch Competition 2011

This project would offer a farm with an urban emphasis, a community sponsored agriculture that will add a sense of unity by bringing people of the neighborhood together.



All food for the café is grown on site. The columns supporting the roof of the café simulate trees with vegetation growing from it, using aeroponic techniques. Once ripe, the food on the columns can be picked and served in the café.


To generate electricity, methane gas is collected from compost that sits in an airtight tank. The collected gas is then burned in an engine that runs an electrical generator.

Plaza/Educational Hub

The plaza slopes down for rainwater collection, which is then used for agricultural irrigation.

The educational hub underground houses the lobby, four classrooms, two lecture halls, offices, a lab for students, and a lab for aquaponics. All underground spaces are lit by lightwells, some functioning as benches at the park level.

In collaboration with Anna Bukhari.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US