Paul Adair

Paul Adair

Columbus, OH, US


Strobilus Tower

The tower is a exploration on the geometric element of the circle.  Studying the circle produced an investigation of the spiral which can be found in iconic architecture such as: Babel Tower, Corbusier’s Brasilia Embassy, UN Studio’s Mercedes Benz Museum, works of Ivan Leonidov, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim.  Also appearing in art from Moholy-Nagy and the Russian Constructivists to geometrical studies in Möbius strips and Laurenz attractors.  How can this exploration be translated into a tower that combines five towers into one with the circle becoming either a formal or expressive solution?  In this case, the circle translating into a cone or strobilus.  A formal arrangement is generated by using two cones to stabilize each other.  Two foreign rectilinear elements are introduced to contrast the curves of the cone.  The first element, the plane separates the cones from one another.  The second element, the box pierces through the plane to hug the cones as a visual support element for the two cones.  The box unravels to the ground as an undulated surface as a way to reconcile the composition to the ground.  Each element contains a different programmatic function.  The main connection between each program occurs in the wrap that contains a large spiraling ramp.

Duration: Ten weeks
Spring 2012

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Professor: José Oubrerie