Paul Adair

Paul Adair

Columbus, OH, US


New (York) Sky

New (York) Sky was a competition entry for the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative for Fresh Kills Park (the former Fresh Kills Landfill) in New York City.  The intention is to create an artificial night sky in order to convey a sense of the dramatic beauty of the space beyond our atmosphere to visitors of the Fresh Kills Park, helping to remind city dwellers what visually lies just beyond the light pollution of the city.  To do this, New (York) Sky takes a map of the stars over Fresh Kills Landfill the first night after the landfill officially closed and suspends them in time over the park’s landscape at a massive scale. This suspended sky will provide a public space that will operate 24 hours a day for city dwellers to retreat to and provide campsites for overnight stays. Because parks generally close at night, New (York) Sky will be a rare addition to the NYC park system in that it provides that connection to nature at a time when most city dwellers are excluded from it, creating a truly public space for continuous experiences. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Freshkills Park, NY
Additional Credits: Professor: Lisa Tilder/ In collaboration with John Yurchyk