Dustin Mattiza

Dustin Mattiza

Dallas, TX, US


La Riviera

La Riviera is the result of a digital design-build course
taught at Texas A&M University by Gabriel Esquivel during
the Spring of 2010.  The intention of this course was to
explore groundbreaking modeling techniques, emerging
fabrication processes and to utilize the school’s large
scale design-build facilities.  Commissioned by local
restaurant, La Riviera, to renovate their entry space,
the concept behind the project was to produce a new
atmosphere, more sensual and suitable for the type of
food served.  Some of the sensibilities explored were
pastries techniques like fondant, frosting and cake
ornamentation. the reason behind the research was to
produce a series of sensations using materialism and
form or specific perceptions, sensations and actions,
basically interpreting wall, furniture and ceiling
surfaces as frosting and fondant with ornament on it.
the project’s scope included a new bar, wall ornaments
and a ceiling installation.  Due to an extremely tight
budget, the team developed innovative processes to
reduce costs while achieving the desired atmosphere.
The project was completed in the fall of 2010.

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Status: Built
Location: College Station, TX, US