Lindsey May

Lindsey May

Chicago, IL, US


Center for Urban Agriculture

Housing community gardeners, public visitors, students, researchers, presenters, and administrators, the Center for Urban Agriculture is an open space for learning while also providing places of differentiation for programmatic specificity. This is achieved with the pervasive distribution of planter boxes throughout the entire building. The planters’ ubiquity creates a visual and spatial fabric that
directs circulation and encourages unencumbered occupancy. The furniture pieces sit with in or hinge on the planters deferring to their location and orientation. These furniture units are mobile, and their arrangement can be edited quickly and easily. Concurrently, the planters’ transforming patterning creates potential places for specific programming. This accommodates the varying spatial needs of
the occupants: research gardens, public gardens, meeting spaces, classrooms, administrative offices, exhibition spaces, and other circumstantial programs. Rather than an ornamental element or an institutional provision, the planters play a role in the occupation of the Center for Urban Agriculture. The planters are the primary architectural element of the Center for Urban Agriculture as they provide the planting facilities and the spatial organization of the space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US