Lindsey May

Lindsey May

Chicago, IL, US


Chicago Magnet School

The local community will be highly engaged with the culture of the Chicago Magnet School. The architecture will support this community focused agenda while maintaining a safe environment for students and faculty. The school is organized into a public zone at ground level, with the classroom area elevated above. As the two most public components of the high school, the Gymnasium and Theater sit at ground level. This designates these two components as the primary community interface with the high school. They can also function as a community center in the afternoon and night, entirely independent of the elevated classroom space. With a vertical distancing and controlled access points, the classrooms sit above the public buildings. Within the two levels of classrooms space, the decentralized organization of classrooms will include several large common areas and myriad smaller informal settings. By inviting the community into the high school and sending students to reach out to the community, the programming and architecture will create a local infrastructure for mutual education between students, faculty members, and community leaders.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, Illinois