Cassandra Straub

Cassandra Straub

New York, NY, US


Multi-faith Center for Tolerance at Roger Williams University

This was my Graduate Thesis Project.  The thesis is to promote tolerance of one anothers' faith and religions through awareness and discovery, manifested in the built form as a multi-faith center. The main parti of the design is the notion of the path to spirituality. Along the path the spaces transition from light to dark to prepare one for the spiritual experience. Along this path are a series of thresholds involving water, and nature. This path has many "away places" for self-meditation, or small chance encounters. This path has multiples journeys and is intended to accommodate all and encourage discovery.

This building on the Roger Williams University campus provides a space for the gathering for the four well-established religious student groups and chaplains.  The program includes a variety of spiritual spaces for gathering, social functions, and office meetings.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bristol, RI, US